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Ghost Excavations

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John Sabol of Ghost Excavations is an archaeologist and cultural anthropologist, unearthing past material remains in excavations and site surveys with an emphasis on the studies of spirits, and the afterlife. Along with co-director Mary Becker, he joined Dave Schrader (email) to share evidence for afterlife consciousness. "As a ghost excavator I go down through different layers of memory, focusing on particular layers of memory in a particular place," Sabol explained, likening his work to time travel. According to Sabol, modern ghost hunting equipment does not resonate with entities from the past and can actually change the dynamics of a location.

Sabol described how he immerses himself into a contextual place for entities to understand and respond to him by using sound. As an example, he reported on his investigation of Antietam National Battlefield where he used bugle calls to assemble departed troops for roll call. "We got a number of responses to that scenario," Sabol revealed. Dave played audio clips of these responses, including one in which a voice can be heard asking, "Is that you Captain?", and another that Sabol suggested was Union soldiers responding to his rebel yell.

Becker recounted how after reading aloud a letter from a battlefield physician to his wife she could hear footfalls around her and a video camera on a tripod mysteriously moved on its own. Becker admitted she could hear wolves howling and smell the sulferous scent of gun fire as well. Dave played an audio clip of a singing voice which seemed to be responding to Becker's reading. "They're just trying to tell you what happened to them ... they're trying to tell you, yes, there is life after death," she said.

Bizarre Encounters in Chestnut Ridge

First hour guest, Bigfoot researcher Eric Altman discussed bizarre encounters in the Chestnut Ridge area in Pennsylvania. According to Altman, over the past five to ten years there have been a number of close-range sightings in the region, including reports from people who avoided hitting the creature with their cars and some witnesses who claimed to have come within feet of the animal in their backyards. Altman lamented the lack of conclusive proof, noting to this point there has not been a definitive video of the creature. "Until we have a body or part of a body... I really don't think [scientists] are going to take the subject seriously," he said. Altman also talked about his upcoming Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure.

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