Bonnie V. Meyer

Bonnie V. Meyer


Bonnie Meyer considered herself to be an ordinary person living a normal life until UFOs interrupted it. After attempting to debunk the phenomenon, she experienced an abduction and has spent the rest of her life investigating aliens and UFOs, attending conferences, and channeling.



Past Shows:

  • Natural Remedies / Alien Contacts

    Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body and its ability to achieve natural healing through various supplements. Followed by contactee Bonnie Meyer on what she has learned about ETs.More »

Last Night

Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
Contact with Non-Humans / Haunted Port Gamble
Tom Matte discussed how he sees and experiences contact from non-human intelligent beings. Followed by Pete Orbea who reported on the haunted Walker Ames House in Port Gamble, Washington.


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