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Natural Remedies / Alien Contacts

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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body and its ability to achieve natural healing. He cited the benefits of natural remedies that aid in the body's recovery from chronic conditions that plague Americans today. Colloidal silver is a product he recommends for its use as an antibiotic and to ward off bacteria and fungus. For skin issues, the colloidal silver can be applied directly via a cotton ball, he specified. In regards to a caller with thyroid issues, he recommended the supplement MSM, which can help rebuild bone marrow, cartilage, and ligaments and support the immune system, and different types of seaweed for their mineral content.

Dr. Wallach suggested that people avoid carbonated beverages as he believes "they neutralize stomach acid so you cannot absorb minerals or digest food." He reported that his program for Parkinson's has been a success. Wallach characterized Parkinson's as an issue related to de-myelination or reduction in the brain's white matter. For a caller wondering why her lips had thinned as she aged, he advised using collagen peptides to give them a fuller appearance.


Bonnie Meyer considered herself an ordinary person living a normal life until UFOs interrupted it. After attempting to debunk the phenomenon, she experienced alien contact and has spent the rest of her life investigating aliens and UFOs, attending conferences, and channeling. In the latter half, she discussed various types of aliens and what they want from us. Different alien beings have visited our planet on and off, she said. "There is a group that I worked with, and they are here keeping an eye on the planet because they know we're in trouble," she continued, adding that they are part of the "Love and Light System" and travel to where they are needed, though they don't directly interfere with native species.

"I was at a meeting, and there were 16 different types of aliens," she revealed, and they were noting that if things get bad, there could be a possible evacuation of the planet and collection of plant and animal specimens. While some of the aliens are human in appearance, one of her alien contacts doesn't look human at all – he is blue, over seven feet tall, has a beak like an eagle, a thin body, long neck and arms, and talons rather than fingers. "He is the captain of a large ship that is about the size of Chicago, and it's outside of our atmosphere-- it can't come in as it's too large, and it's a place where many aliens come, and they have meetings there," she disclosed. Meyer said that aliens have different agendas, and we would perceive some as beneficial and others as negative.

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