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Forensic Cases / Egyptian Energy Healing

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For six decades, Pittsburgh-based forensic scientist Dr. Cyril Wecht has been an outspoken authority when horrible things happen to everyday people--murders, childhood deaths, tragic accidents, and police brutality. In the first half, he discussed his work on high-profile cases, including the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, JonBenet Ramsey, and others. In 1972, he said he was the first forensic pathologist granted access to the JFK autopsy materials in Washington, DC, and that was when he discovered that the president's brain was missing. He believes the brain was removed because it would reveal that Kennedy was hit by two bullets, each coming from different directions, thus refuting the single gunman theory.

Reporter Charlie Bosworth joined the conversation for a discussion of JonBenet Ramsey's unsolved murder. Wecht noted that the investigation was mishandled, and the Ramsey parents were never separated for initial interrogations. He added that there was no evidence for an outsider intruder, and the crime was probably a molestation turned accidental homicide. On the RFK assassination, Wecht cited that Sirhan Sirhan has no recall of the incident. There is evidence of another shooter, possibly a private security guard, whose gun was never examined. Regarding the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, Wecht suggested that O.J. worked with a second accomplice, as it would have been difficult for him to inflict the huge number of wounds by himself. He also commented on the deaths of Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and Dorothy Kilgallen.


Author Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D. is an authority on energy healing and mind-body medicine. In the latter half, she shared her research on the great American prophet Edgar Cayce, and her work with past lives and Egyptian energy healing. In Cayce's readings, he mentioned ancient Egypt thousands of times, and one of the sources he channeled was Ra-Ta, a High Priest of Egypt, who developed healing rituals. She believes there are many people on the planet right now that had past life incarnations in ancient Egypt. In her latest work, she explores healing techniques and symbols related to the nine deities that ruled in Heliopolis, Egypt, and the idea that people can energetically connect with places where they lived previous existences.

Kaehr, who recently started an online school offering various courses and webinars, has also been looking into the topic of ancestor healing. For this, she uses regression techniques, but instead of visiting one's past lives, she guides people into significant events of their ancestors. In such a session, she explained, a person can send light and healing to their ancestors, which helps create change not only for themselves but for others in their family tree. During regression journeys, spirit guides or angels can assist in energy healing, and identify someone's life's purpose, she added. In tandem with her appearance, Kaehr sent in a set of photos she took in Bethlehem, showing a "miraculous" light.

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