Cathleen Beerkens

Cathleen Beerkens


Cathleen Beerkens is the founder of A Wellness Revolution and a pioneer in the space of holistic healing. She teaches students and clients how to work with the new sciences to heal their bodies, expand their consciousness, and create the lives they truly desire.



Past Shows:

  • Power Grid & EMP / The Creator Matrix

    Author Hugh Simpson and EMP expert Rich de Sabatino outlined possible scenarios that could take out the power grid, and how we can protect ourselves. Followed by health coach Cathleen Beerkens on developing your own 'creator matrix.'More »

Last Night

The UFO Paradox / Overcoming Cancer
The UFO Paradox / Overcoming Cancer
Independent journalist Keith Thompson discussed UFO sightings and other paranormal experiences. Followed by Lynette Hill, who detailed her journey into the world of cancer and natural medicines.


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