Cynthia Cavalli

Cynthia Cavalli


Cynthia Cavalli is many things: a shamanic dream and synchronicity coach, corporate systems wizard, complexity consultant, and visionary life strategist. Her background includes an eclectic blend of education and experience, with a doctorate in organizational psychology, three decades as an aerospace engineer, an MBA with coursework at Cambridge, and certification as a Shamanic dream teacher. She hails from South India and like her masterful culinary creations, her expertise draws from diverse cultures around the world. She is equally at home providing leadership coaching to corporate executives, offering systems and complexity workshops to groups, or guiding individuals through the uncertain passages of life using dreams, synchronicity, stories, and mythology. She is a gentle, wise soul dedicated to global transformation through personal inner work, and a marriage of objective science and intuitive healing practices.


Past Shows:

  • Synchronicities & Crop Circles

    Jungian psychology expert Gary S. Bobroff (hours 2 & 4) and systems and management consultant Cynthia Cavalli (hours 3 & 4) spoke about the role of synchronicity, and how it relates to such things as consciousness, crop circles, and the work of Carl Jung and Rupert Sheldrake. ...More »