Synchronicities & Crop Circles

Synchronicities & Crop Circles


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCynthia Cavalli, Gary Bobroff, Lauren Weinstein

Jungian psychology expert Gary S. Bobroff (hours 2 & 4) and systems and management consultant Cynthia Cavalli (hours 3 & 4) spoke about the role of synchronicity, and how it relates to such things as consciousness, crop circles, and the work of Carl Jung and Rupert Sheldrake. Jung wrote much about the image of the circle and its symbolism, and Bobroff related the intriguing and mysterious crop circle patterns to Jung's archetypal psychology. Sheldrake's work on crop circles, the extended mind, and synchronicities shows the positive side of the world's mysteries revealing themselves, Bobroff added.

Crop circle messages speak through symbols and art, and are examples of the return of the archetypal feminine-- phenomena grounded in mystery and wonder that we can't quite pin down, Bobroff continued. Cavalli, who has extensively studied synchronicity, defined the experience as when you have an inner event such as a dream, thought, premonition, or image that is matched in outer reality by some event, and there's no causal connection between the two.

One such example of synchronicity was relayed to Cavalli by her therapist friend, who had a client who could never seem to grasp how much trouble his marriage was in. The therapist in exasperation threw up his hands and said 'your marriage is like a car wreck.' And just as he said the words 'car wreck,' there was a car accident right outside the office. It really shook up the client, and the message finally got through, she recounted. Synchronicities seem to occur more frequently to people who are going through major times of change in their lives, Cavalli added. Bobroff shared stories of musical synchronicities such as when he was outside with a group watching a meteor shower, and the song "Pennies From Heaven" came up on a random iPod shuffle. For more, check out videos from the two guests.

Tech News

First hour guest, privacy expert Lauren Weinstein talked about issues related to technology and the Internet. There's been an increase of "scam support calls" in which callers claim to be computer technicians with well-known companies, he reported. They say they've detected viruses or malware on the person's computer in order to try and control their computer or get them to pay for software they don't need. Weinstein also talked about the launch of Microsoft Windows' new system 10 software, and Google's overhaul of its corporate structure, with its new parent company Alphabet.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Steve Kates



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