Charles F. Rosenay

Charles F. Rosenay


Charles F. Rosenay specializes in paranormal investigations and making contact with the other side. He has experienced various supernatural occurrences, including encounters with ghosts.



Past Shows:

  • Belief in the Divine / Psychic Realm & Ghosts

    Retired entrepreneurs Ron Kardos and Bruce Licht told of how they reached out to thought leaders to discover why they believe in a higher power. Followed by psychic medium Cathy Nadal and paranormal investigator Charles F. Rosenay on the psychic realm and ghosts.More »

Last Night

Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
Author and skeptic Michael Shermer delved into conspiracy theories and why people are drawn to them. Followed by medium Susan Grau on dying, her near-death experience, and the afterlife.


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