Ron Kardos

Ron Kardos


Retired entrepreneur Ron Kardos asks people why they believe in God, and he gets different answers every time. He has reached out to thought leaders – scientists, mathematicians, political leaders, journalists, corporate executives, artists, radio hosts (including George Noory), and professors – for answers about a higher power.



Past Shows:

  • Belief in the Divine / Psychic Realm & Ghosts

    Retired entrepreneurs Ron Kardos and Bruce Licht told of how they reached out to thought leaders to discover why they believe in a higher power. Followed by psychic medium Cathy Nadal and paranormal investigator Charles F. Rosenay on the psychic realm and ghosts.More »

Last Night

Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
Author and skeptic Michael Shermer delved into conspiracy theories and why people are drawn to them. Followed by medium Susan Grau on dying, her near-death experience, and the afterlife.


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