Chuck Ochelli

Chuck Ochelli


In the late 1980s, Chuck Ochelli was a high school student and a musician, generally fascinated with American History, particularly educating himself on the circumstances surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the 1990s, Chuck progressively engaged in JFK research and investigations revolving around many deep political figures and events.

His contributions and participation in support of various authors and producers of media projects as an interviewer, analyst, and research assistant, coupled with having a lifelong appreciation for the medium of talk radio, evolved into active correspondence with various alternative media figures. Fast forward to today, and Chuck has a JFK YouTube channel and a podcast called The Ochelli Effect. 


Past Shows:

  • JFK Assassination Conspiracies

    Researcher Chuck Ochelli discussed his research into the JFK assassination and skepticism toward the official narrative. Followed by researcher James DiEugenio who reported on JFK assassination "chokeholds" that prove there was a conspiracy.More »