George Walter Chyz

George Walter Chyz


George Walter Chyz has been following his inner guidance throughout his life. He received a masters of science in mechanical engineering from MIT in 1985. Through vision quests he tapped into his soul and uncovered a novel three part "Triality" of human consciousness that opens the door to a deeper understanding of intuition, and the divine soul that resides in the human heart. After bicycling around the USA for three years George moved to Maui, Hawaii. There he explored alternative living close to nature while designing and building unique structures that fit the landscape and local weather conditions.

His designs merged simple yet practical structures with the mild climate to create a indoor outdoor experience. His adventures led him to discover how opening and following his heart and opening to love is the key to happiness and genius. Then having lived the way of the heart, he eventually sat down to share what he had discovered. After 17 years of writing essays, booklets, and finally his well documented book, "The Magnificent Soul" George has brought forth a landmark work that may influence the way humanity views the world.



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