'Triality' of Consciousness/ Unexplained Tales

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'Triality' of Consciousness/ Unexplained Tales

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With a master's of science in mechanical engineering from MIT, George Walter Chyz discussed the science of the soul and how he has uncovered a three-part "Triality" of human consciousness that opens the door to the divine soul. Triality is an advancement beyond duality, and in addition to the head and gut minds, he proposed that consciousness also resides in the heart, the source of soul intuition.Further, he cited evidence, such as from reincarnation and NDE studies, that the mind retains functions outside of the brain. "Consciousness is not created by the physical brain," -- it's what's at the foundation of the universe, not matter, he declared.

"The brain," said Chyz, "is like a multi-pin connector," for the field of consciousness, and it works in tandem with the gastrointestinal brain which is "actually sending more signals up the spinal cord than the head brain is sending signals down." Interestingly, he suggested that for half the population the pineal gland has calcified and turned to bone due to emotional pain. After discussions with the Hopi and Kahuna, he has found their wisdom and prophecies mesh with his scientific theories bridging the spiritual and scientific worlds.


In the latter half of the show, host of The Paranormal Podcast, Jim Harold, shared some of his latest stories from the world of the strange and unexplained. A woman named Nicki told him about a visit she and her husband made to the Stanley Hotel (the site for the movie The Shining). The TVs in the rooms play the Kubrick film on a continuous loop, and they particularly wanted to see the part with the "creepy twins," so they left the room for a bit. When they returned, the broadcast became stuck on a freeze frame of the identical girls. Upon calling down to the desk, they discovered it was only their room's TV where this malfunction occurred. Then at 2:17 am, Nicki awoke to hear the sound of two young voices laughing outside her door. She thought it odd that children would be up so late.

Harold related a story from a man named Steve who worked at a factory job in the Virginia mountains as a college student. Early one morning on his way to work, he stops at a small town stoplight, and an older man asked him for a ride over the mountain. Steve explains that he doesn't have the time as he's running late. The stoplight seems to be taking forever to change, and the man approaches the car, reaches inside the window, and says "Let me in!" Steve hits the gas and takes off, and he sees the guy in the rearview mirror mouthing "Don't you know who I am?" As he drives some distance away, he pulls over to collect himself, and suddenly sees the man next to the window. Steve blacked out, Harold recounted, and when he came to, he found himself parked in the factory parking lot balled up down by the gas pedal and brake. As he pulled himself out, he claimed to see a bright light ascend above the car and disappear into the sky.

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