Thomas Colbert

Thomas Colbert


Thomas Colbert is a former senior media executive with thirty-six years of management and editorial experience in the national news, television entertainment, publishing, and motion-picture fields. He began his career in journalism research at the CBS flagship news station, KCBS, in 1980. From there, he was recruited by Paramount Television in 1988 to be a story editor. In 1992, Colbert launched his own true-story research company, Industry R&D (IRD), to serve national networks, studios, and publishing houses. Nineteen of his breaking stories became movies for the big and small screen, with a like number of published books. He sold IRD in 2009, but still pursues the occasional book, movie, and series project through his firm, TJC Consulting, LLC.



Past Shows:

  • DB Cooper Mystery / Open Lines

    Author and producer Thomas Colbert discussed his work solving the D.B. Cooper case and his new Netflix documentary, "D.B. Cooper, Where Are You?!" Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »
  • DB Cooper Mystery/ Open Lines

    DB Cooper expert Thomas Colbert (Related Documents) reported on new info from his team's investigation of the enduring mystery. Open Lines followed.More »
  • JFK Secrets/ DB Cooper Revelations

    James DiEugenio discussed recently released JFK files. Thomas Colbert reported on his team’s investigation of DB Cooper.More »
  • UFOs Angels & Gods/ D.B. Cooper Mystery

    Filmmaker Ali Siadatan had a close-up UFO sighting in his native Persia which led him to look deeper into the modern day UFO phenomenon. He joined Richard Syrett in the first half to share his research on Bible passages that he believes are evidence of alien or demonic...More »

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