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UFOs Angels & Gods/ D.B. Cooper Mystery

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In 1997, Ali Siadatan had a close-up UFO sighting late at night on a lonely highway in his native Persia. This led him to look deeper into the modern-day UFO phenomenon. He joined Richard Syrett to share his research. Siadatan was traveling from Tehran on an 11-hour auto journey when his stepmother and father began to make "unintelligible sounds" and point out the window. They observed a huge, round object lit up with bright green lights descending nearby. Siadatan said it hovered at about 500 feet and then suddenly appeared as if it was sucked into the ground by a giant black tube. This event piqued his interest in certain passages in the Bible that appeared to refer to visits and commingling with man and divine entities.

Siadatan says his reading of the Bible indicates that there is a plan that has been in place since the origin of man to intermix the genetics of entities that are the enemies of Heaven with humans and create a race of superior beings that can rule the earth in the name of Satan. He says that these beings are referred to as "Elohim" in the Bible, and they would kidnap human women in order to impregnate them with their own genetic material. He claims that biblical prophecy predicts that in the future (which he says is the modern era) that the Elohim will directly "commingle" their genetic material with humans through hybridization. He says that the object of this activity is to "take over on a genetic level," and give us the knowledge of reality and the universe we need to help them regain control of Heaven and Earth.


In the second half, Thomas Colbert, an expert in the D.B. Cooper hijacking case, discussed the relentless investigation and final confrontation with a mysterious suspect, after he utilized more than twenty identities while engaging in a half-dozen careers and raising three families. Colbert was a newsman at a Los Angeles TV station when the Cooper case broke in 1971. In the years to follow, he received at least 1-2 calls a month from people claiming to know who and/or where Cooper was, which he said mostly made him "roll his eyes" with skepticism. Finally, in 2011, a man called with information that began to check out. It concerned a long-time drug dealer who, in 1980, claimed to his underlings that he was Cooper. Colbert and his 40-person team of investigators discovered that this man (Dick Briggs) was not Cooper, but a business associate of his fit the profile and trail of evidence.

The man’s name is Robert Rackstraw. He is a Vietnam veteran, criminal with a decades-long record and as Colbert claims, a lifelong con-man. Colbert traced Rackstraw’s history of someone who "never ever owned up what he had done" and "got away with everything." Colbert says he and his team have 102 pieces of evidence (including some he shared) that point to Rackstraw. The History Channel has produced a documentary based on Colbert’s evidence and although initially supportive of his work, the FBI has closed the case. His team has sued to government to reopen it. Caller Ken in Las Vegas said that he met Rackstraw in a restaurant many years ago and that "he and his friends were openly joking about him being DB Cooper." Cobert said that the details sounded familiar and requested to speak to Ken after the show. Colbert has confronted his main suspect on camera, but he has yet to get a confession. He says that his next confrontation with Rackstraw will be "in court," if he can get the case heard.

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