Alan Collinge

Alan Collinge


Alan Collinge is the founder of He has written numerous articles, and editorials on the topic, and also published The Student Loan Scam in 2009. He was selected as one of seven "Financial Heroes" by CNN/Money Magazine in December 2008.



Past Shows:

  • FBI Training & the Paranormal

    Author and former FBI analyst Matt Miksa discussed his novels and why paranormal training should be taught to agents and analysts at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. In the first hour, student loan debt commentator Alan Collinge made a case for cancelling student debt.More »
  • Code to Joy

    Clinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt offered advice about how to unlock happiness in your life. In the first hour, Alan Collinge commented on student loan debt forgiveness.More »
  • Student Loan Scam

    Alan Collinge discussed how massive penalties and draconian wealth-extraction mechanisms are in place to collect inflated student loan debt.More »
  • Student Loan Crisis/ UFOs and the Pentagon

    Alan Collinge discussed the ballooning debt of student loans. Followed by Nick Pope on the AATIP/ UFO investigation.More »
  • Student Loans/ Spirit Guides

    Allan Collinge detailed the spiraling student debt problem. Followed by James Van Praagh on working with spirit guides.More »
  • Student Loan Crisis/ Parapsychology

    In the first half, Alan Collinge, the founder of, described the predatory practices of student loan lenders, and how there's been a recent crackdown on those in default. In the latter half, Prof. Stephen E. Braude, a past President of the...More »
  • Student Loans/ NDE

    In the first half, grassroots organizer Alan Collinge discussed the student loan crisis that has left many college graduates saddled with massive debt. In the latter half, Dr. Mary Neal, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who drowned while kayaking on a South American...More »
  • Cathie, UFOs, & Coral Castle

    Researcher and investigator Joe Bullard discussed the work of Capt. Bruce Cathie, a retired New Zealand airline pilot, who after witnessing UFOs, developed a theory of a harmonic grid system circling the Earth. Bullard also spoke about the mysterious Coral Castle in Florida, and...More »
  • Student Loan Scam / Open Lines

    In the first hour, Ian Punnett welcomed the founder of, Alan Collinge, who discussed how federal student loans have become predatory, turning a generation into debtor slaves. Open Lines followed.More »

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