Mark Combs

Mark Combs


Mark DeWayne Combs is a critical investigative researcher who is fascinated by ancient mysteries, biblical history and the origins of man. He is an author, public speaker, blogger and publisher. In 2013, Mark began to focus more of his attention on motivational writing and speaking. A self-hosted web page was developed for his weekly blog, Splinter In The Mind’s Eye. In January 2015, he published his first book, End The Beginning, a non-fiction, critical research volume that examines the possible reality of Noah’s great flood. Cross referencing historical texts from a number of ancient civilizations with modern day scientific theory, End the Beginning pieces together the back story of life before Noah’s Flood and uncovers the express purpose for the destruction of mankind. It also overlays documentation from the past with our scientific understanding of the present in an effort to project what may have triggered the devastating chain of events.



Past Shows:

  • Ufology Updates / Noah's Flood

    In the first half, UFO researcher Paola Harris shared updates on ufology and exopolitics. The Internet is abuzz with the news that verified slides from 1947 said to depict a humanoid creature that crashed at the Roswell site are to be released to the public later this year. ...More »

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