Ufology Updates / Noah's Flood

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Ufology Updates / Noah's Flood

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In the first half, UFO researcher Paola Harris shared updates on ufology and exopolitics. The Internet is abuzz with the news that verified slides from 1947 said to depict a humanoid creature that crashed at the Roswell site are to be released to the public later this year. The slides reportedly show a small being with very thin arms and legs, with a partially dissected body. A lot of people believe it could be a hoax like the Santilli 'Alien Autopsy' footage, Harris noted. Yet, she pointed out that in the Santilli footage, the alien's eye was revealed to be a large artificial lens, which correlates with what Col. Philip Corso told her-- that the US military had reverse engineered an alien lens from Roswell and used the technology for a night screening device.

Before his death in 1998, Corso (the author of The Day After Roswell) told Harris there was a fierce competition between the divisions of the US military for advanced technology, particularly what might be gleaned from crashed UFOs. She added that there is more to the Corso material that hasn't come out yet. Harris also spoke about her recent investigation into a 1970s case in which a human-type alien reportedly spoke to people at an embassy in Peru, and warned them of an impending earthquake.


In the latter half, researcher and lecturer Mark Combs, an expert on the flood of Noah, cataclysmic destruction, and religions of the ancient world, discussed his investigation into the Great Flood, in which he drew correlations between history, science, and religion. He looked at some of the practical considerations, and concluded that it was feasible for Noah to build the ark somewhat as described in the Bible. However, rather than one pair of each of the animals, he suggested there were 4-7 pairs of each, and that among the humans were Noah and his wife, and their three sons and their wives.

Combs believes it was a worldwide flood that Noah was dealing with, rather than something confined to a local region. There is a possibility that a Planet X-type body might have brought on the deluge, as ancient records of both China and Egypt refer to an extremely large object in the sky that was prevalent for a time, he pointed out. Yet, according to his research, in order to flood the entire planet, you would need 3.5 times the amount of water that's currently on the surface. Combs learned that there are enormous reservoirs of water inside the Earth, and some of this may have contributed to the Great Flood. He also compared Genesis with modern science, and noted that the idea of the Big Bang in which everything began all at once is similar to the initial creation as described in the Bible.

News segment guests: Alex Jones, Dr. Peter Breggin

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