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Crrow777, called “Crow” – is the host of a popular the weekly podcast Crrow777Radio.com, a weekly live show on Truth Frequency Radio. He hosts his own website and a YouTube Channel with hundreds of videos featuring both his podcasts and astrophotography work. Crow is perhaps best known for his intriguing capture in 2012 of what’s been popularly called, “The Lunar Wave,” – an event he’s since recorded several more times, as have many others worldwide as well as captures with Jupiter, its moons and in front of Saturn.

His podcast covers both his incredible range of astrophotography and fascinating – but often difficult to describe – anomalous events – as well as a wide range of intriguing and often controversial topics from social engineering, tracking the disturbing trends of invasive and pervasive use of technology as a means of mass surveillance and control, modern and historic views of health, wellness and our understanding of the natural world – and everything in between.



Past shows:

The Coming Crash / 'Lunar Wave' & Conspiracies

Financial consultant Harry S. Dent, Jr. shared a forecast of a coming crash. Followed by Crrow777 on 'lunar waves,' anomalies, and conspiracies. More »


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