The Coming Crash / 'Lunar Wave' & Conspiracies

The Coming Crash / 'Lunar Wave' & Conspiracies


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsHarry S. Dent, - Crrow777

In the first half, financial consultant Harry S. Dent, Jr., shared forecasts and why he thinks certain long-term cycles will repeat. We can expect a new stock market crash that will be worse than the one in 2008, and mirror the great one in 1929, he warned. Currently, "the stock market," he said," is sitting very similar to where it was in 1929." During the upcoming crash, he predicts real estate values will plummet, with Chinese properties at the epicenter of this, dropping 70-80% in value, and in the US, 40-50%. Stocks have mostly reached their peaks, he noted, though he sees NASDAQ hitting one more high before the crash.

He foresees the downturn beginning sometime between March and June of 2020. He recommended getting out of stocks now and splitting between cash (short term CDs and T-bills) and 10-to-30-year treasury bonds. The economy will hit bottom by the end of 2022, he continued, and around this time, there'll be some great buys for those that still have liquidity. For instance, home prices will be cheaper, and mortgage rates will drop even lower. In the long term, Dent is bullish on the blockchain technology that runs cryptocurrency, but in the next couple of years, he sees Bitcoin falling to a low of $1,000 to $3,000 (at which time it will be a smart investment).


Host of the popular podcast, Crrow777Radio, Crrow777 discussed the phenomenon known as the "Lunar Wave," as well as his challenging of many "official" narratives of mainstream media and the scientific world. The "wave" he first photographed in 2012, came in a pair, and seemed to show a displacement on the lunar surface through the wave. It suggests to him that the composition of space is not a vacuum as we've been led to think. He believes the wave is a natural phenomenon taking place high in the atmosphere, and it has since been seen on other planets like Jupiter (though professional astronomers do not acknowledge its existence on the moon or elsewhere).

Crrow characterized the moon as a "luminary"-- a light source rather than something like a planetary body, and accordingly, he has concluded that the NASA moon landings were faked. He also contends that nuclear weapons don't exist as we think of them, and that tests and attacks have simply been done with conventional explosives or firebombing. Additionally, he argued that the dinosaurs never existed-- from an engineering standpoint, their bodies wouldn't work, and the evidence is all fabricated replicas rather than actual bones.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Guest podcasters: Adam Sayne & Serfiel William - Conspirnormal, Steve Kates




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