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Astrology Forecast / Anomalous Encounters

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In the first half, Mitchell Scott Lewis, who specializes in financial astrology, shared what he sees in charts for the economy, the coronavirus pandemic, world events, and why 2020 is shaping up to be very eventful as he predicted. With the Great Capricorn alignment of 2020, he had previously stated that the market would have tremendous volatility with point moves in the thousands both up and down, but that a recession wouldn't take hold until 2021. The huge build-up of energy in Capricorn, a repressive sign, is mirrored by economic collapse and everyone being isolated in their homes, he cited. The stock market, he continued, was a bubble waiting to pop, and it could go down another 5 or 6,000 points before it bottoms out.

With the pandemic, "I think we have to find a balance," he said, "between hysteria and complacency. It doesn't do any good to panic." Lewis warned that in 2021 with a Saturn/Uranus square there could be a bounce-back of the virus (as there was during the 1918 pandemic, which had a similar astrological picture). Regarding the elections, he believes Joe Biden will be the Democratic candidate. And because people are in panic mode, the voters will prefer Biden in the general election, as he projects a return to normalcy. Donald Trump, he added, has some very negative astrological aspects in his chart this year.


In the third hour, astronomer and video analyst Marc D'Antonio talked about his experiences that elude scientific explanation. These include his bizarre surgical experience and other anomalous encounters. During surgery to treat a heart infection at age 55, he woke up in a comatose state, totally blind, and unable to move, though he was conscious. He referred to it as "Locked-In Syndrome," and it was as though his head was in a jar. During this condition, he had perfect recall of his entire life up until that point. He also experienced Native American ancestors removing him from the hospital and taking him on a journey to New Mexico.

D'Antonio recalled an alien abduction when he was paralyzed in his bedroom. He saw a blinding light, then a glimpse of a featureless oval head, and a glowing wand-like object held by a grayish hand. Later, he revealed, a doctor removed a large implant that had been placed high up in his nostril. He also shared research into life in the universe, and exoplanets, and his witnessing a USO while aboard a nuclear submarine.

During the last hour, Open Lines callers reacted to the latest news about the coronavirus.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Peter Davenport

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