Dave Mason

Dave Mason


Dave Mason's interest in the UFO phenomenon began at age 13, when he built his first magnetic field device to detect UFOs using a compass and phototransistor. At age 17 he wanted to detect unknown objects, so he designed a sensitive optical circuit and installed it into binoculars which enabled listening to pulsing light. At age 22 he was an electronic engineer at Nye Viking, a HAM radio product manufacturer. For the past 27 years, David has been co-owner and co-founder of an advanced electronic test and measurement equipment custom engineering and supply corporation. Spanning more than three decades he has engineered electronic devices used in production as well as prototypes in industrial and government contracts. He volunteers at Bellevue College where he provides technical maintenance, calibration, and operation of the astronomical observatory. He continues to develop new technologies for research of the UFO / UAP phenomenon, as well as other technological developments. David's recent movie project "A Tear in the Sky" is a scientific expedition in search of UAP in southern California, where he was a science team member acquiring data using various recording and analytical devices.


Past Shows:

  • Tic Tac UFOs / UAP Hearings

    Documentary director Caroline Cory and technology researcher Dave Mason discussed the true nature of UFOs. Followed by researchers Joe Murgia, Danny Silva, and Ryan Robbins on the first open congressional hearings on UAP.More »

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