Jim McCarty

Jim McCarty


James Stanley McCarty is an English musician, best known as the drummer for The Yardbirds and Renaissance. Since 1992 he has been playing with the reformed Yardbirds. Mr. McCarty was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a founding member of The Yardbirds. He has become an author, as well, with the book Nobody Told Me, and the current book—She Walks in Beauty, co-written with David Thompson.

Beginning with a childhood fascination with the paranormal that only gathered strength as he grew older, McCarty has had a lifelong quest to unravel the mysteries of the world that exists beyond ours. His curiosity has led him from wartime bomb sites to public seances, from suburban English healing centres to pilgrimages to India, China and the Himalayas.



Past Shows:

  • World of the Paranormal / Astrology & Current Events

    Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty discussed his career, new book (She Walks in Beauty), and afterdeath communications with his wife Lizzie. Astrologer William Stickevers revealed how major geopolitical events are influenced by the alignments of the planets.More »

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