David Steinman

David Steinman


David Steinman is the author and coauthor of the groundbreaking bestsellers Diet for a Poisoned Planet and The Safe Shopper’s Bible and director of Healthy Living Foundation (HLF). He was featured as one of the experts and activists in the HBO Max documentary Not So Pretty. His investigative reporting and writing have won awards from Best of the West, California Newspaper Publishers’ Association, Sierra Club, and the Green Book Festival. He is the publisher of Healthy Living Magazine and serves as director of the nonprofit Healthy Living Foundation, a public-interest environmental and consumer advocacy organization that takes legal action and litigates on behalf of consumers and the environment. Under his leadership, HLF has won major court and legal cases against brands such as Herbal Essences, Pantene, Chicken of the Sea, Bumble Bee, Alberto VO5, Trader Joe’s, and Mrs. Meyers for selling products with high amounts of toxic chemicals that required their removal or labeling.



Past Shows:

  • Chemical Toxins / Cold Cases & EVPs

    Consumer advocate David Steinman revealed how many foods and products contain chemical toxins and what we can do to protect ourselves. Followed by paranormal investigator Scott Degenhardt on EVPs and cold cases.More »

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