Laurie Majka

Laurie Majka


Laurie Majka is an inspirational artist, receiving the ideas for her artwork and writing in powerful "downloads" or fully formed ideas she "sees" in her mind. She believes these concepts are inspired by her higher self, universal consciousness, God, and her spirit team.

Laurie began receiving communications from the Other Side in 2012 when her soul mate Mark passed away, confirming her belief that love never dies. She hopes through her story you will understand her signs in a way that lets you recognize signs from your loved ones. Laurie also believes her life’s purpose is to send positive energy into the world.



Past Shows:

  • Astrology Forecast / Other Side Communications

    Professional astrologer Leslie McGuirk discussed how to use astrology to improve our lives, and her predictions for the rest of 2024. Followed by artist Laurie Majka, who spoke about messages she has received from the Other Side.More »

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