Paul Davids

Paul Davids


Filmmaker and producer Paul Davids’ films are known for controversy, beginning with “Roswell,” a 1994 nominee for Golden Globe as Best TV Motion Picture, which he executive produced and co-wrote as a Showtime original movie. It dealt with the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, issues of extraterrestrial life, and the purported “truth embargo” on the subject of ET contact. Paul’s many books and films have enjoyed a resurgence since the 2016 release of his film “Marilyn Monroe DeClassified.” The first film he directed, “Timothy Leary’s Dead” (1996) was a biography of the so-called LSD Guru Dr. Timothy Leary, the defrocked Harvard psychology professor who was a major leader of the Counter-Culture of the 1960’s. Leary stated repeatedly in the Paul Davids film that he intended to have his head removed and frozen for cryonic preservation upon his death. The Paul Davids film caused outrage and a widespread uproar when a simulated scene in his film showed exactly that.

Other films of great controversy by Paul Davids include the very popular “Jesus in India” and “The Life After Death Project 1” and “The Life After Death Project 2: Personal Encounters” — as well as the notable award-winning film “The Sci-Fi Boys” hosted by Peter Jackson, all available to be streamed at Amazon Prime. Books authored or co-authored by Paul Davids include 6 “Star Wars” novels beginning with “The Glove of Darth Vader,” plus “An Atheist in Heaven: The Ultimate Evidence for Life After Death?” and “Blowing America’s Mind: A True Story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen.” Paul Davids is also a noted artist, and hundreds of his oil paintings can be seen at his website




Past Shows:

  • Timothy Leary's Legacy / Predictions & Insights

    Producer and director Paul Davids discussed the death of Timothy Leary and his cultural legacy. Followed by psychic Elizabeth Joyce with predictions and insights.More »
  • LSD Experiments/ Copper Scroll Mystery

    Paul Davids recounted being a subject in LSD experiments in the 1960s. Followed by Jim Barfield on the mysterious Copper Scroll.More »
  • CIA LSD Experiments/ Secret Bible Prophecy

    Paul Davids talked about CIA experiments with LSD and hypnotherapy in the 1960s. Followed by Jeffrey Daugherty on biblical prophecy, and Reptilian gods.More »
  • Marilyn Declassified/ Bigfoot Research

    Paul Davids revealed newly declassified FBI and CIA files about Marilyn Monroe. Followed by Thom Powell with curious research about Bigfoot.More »
  • Mob Confessions/ Ackerman & the Afterlife

    Frank Sheeran confessed to investigative author Charles Brandt that he handled more than 25 hits for the Mob, and for his friend Jimmy Hoffa. Joining George Knapp in the first half, Brandt shared evidence about Sheeran's involvement with Hoffa, new information on other famous...More »
  • Ackerman's Messages from Beyond

    Pioneering promoter of sci-fi books and films, the late Forrest J Ackerman, never believed in an afterlife; nonetheless, he promised a few respected colleagues that he would try to send messages from the Other Side. Author, UFO researcher, and filmmaker Paul Davids joined George...More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 6/2/97 when filmmaker Paul Davids talked about his documentary on the life of Timothy Leary.More »
  • After Death Evidence

    Filmmaker and producer Paul Davids discussed his new documentary, The Life After Death Project, which chronicles possible after death communications that came from sci-fi luminary, Forrest J. Ackerman. Professor at the University of Arizona, Gary E. Schwartz joined the show in...More »
  • Rael, Cloning, & Jesus in India

    First hour guest, leader of the Raelian Movement, Rael, discussed his ET encounters which took place in 1973 at a volcanic crater in France. During these encounters, he said he learned that humans were not the result of random evolution, but deliberately created by the aliens...More »

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