CIA LSD Experiments/ Secret Bible Prophecy

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CIA LSD Experiments/ Secret Bible Prophecy

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Producer, writer and director Paul Davids has written numerous books including six Star Wars sequel books for Lucasfilm. In the first half, he discussed his latest work "Blowing America’s Mind," detailing the inside story of how innocent Princeton students (namely, he and co-author John Selby) got caught up in and nearly done in by the CIA's late-sixties LSD-laced hypnotic research. When Davids initially volunteered for deep hypnosis research at the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute in 1967, he had no idea that the research was secretly being funded by the CIA, and their MK-ULTRA mind control program. Among the goals of MK-ULTRA were to erase memories, break down personalities, manipulate behaviors, and even create assassins, he cited.

Selby experienced various degrees of memory loss from the hypnotic sessions, Davids recalled. The CIA, he continued, was very interested in LSD to see if it could put people in a schizophrenic state, and discovered through their experiments that that was not generally the case with the psychedelic experience. The deep hypnotic states Davids was placed under were kind of like anesthesia, he detailed. "You're walking around with a mind that has no way to retain what's happening...They told me I was George Harrison, and I walked around the Institute for a half-a-day signing autographs, and talking about how I had to get back to London." Yet, MK-ULTRA was an insidious program that experimented on many people without their knowledge, he noted, with techniques that included depriving sleep or inducing continuous sleep with drugs, using the poison curare to immobilize, and subjecting people to loud sounds for long periods.


In the latter half, former minister for the Assemblies of God Church, Jeffrey Daugherty, talked about such topics as ancient Reptilian gods, the Mandela Effect, and how passages in the Bible may be describing computers, AI, and robots. In Genesis 1:21, in the original Hebrew, it states that God created something called the "majestic serpent," an upright hominid that knew how to shape-shift and "I have to believe that somewhere in the world today there's still remnants of those majestic serpents," he commented. They could be hidden underground or using their ability to change form so we don't recognize them, he added. Daugherty suggests that not all of these entities are malevolent-- the Native Americans have a belief in a serpentine guardian angel that warns of danger.

He marveled about Bible prophecy, and how people such as Daniel, over 3,000 years ago, was able "to predict with amazing specificity a fully technological event like the Mandela Effect," as well as describing the rise of artificial intelligence. Daugherty also referred to the solar eclipse in August as a mystical and profound event, in which the veils between worlds was thinning. "I'm convinced," he said, "that it was the end of the 'correction of Sophia'...and we now have access to the fullness of spirituality."

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Dr. Peter Breggin

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