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Timothy Leary's Legacy / Predictions & Insights

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Paul Davids is a producer, writer, and director, mainly of television films (such as Roswell: The UFO Cover-up and Marilyn Monroe Declassified). In the first half, he discussed the story of Timothy Leary, his cultural legacy, and how he sought to have his head preserved cryogenically after his death (view related material). Leary, an advocate for the psychedelic experience, was imprisoned for carrying a small amount of marijuana, and was harassed by the government. After Leary got out of jail, Davids met him and embarked upon making a documentary about his quest to have his head preserved through a cryogenic process by the Alcor Corporation (who had previously frozen the body of baseball great Ted Williams). They wanted to depict the head removal process in the film, so an elaborate double was made of Leary's head through a plaster cast. 

Now, the Leary replica head is being auctioned off, Davids reported. His 1996 documentary, "Timothy Leary's Dead" caused controversy as many critics thought the medical decapitation sequence at the close of the movie was real even though it was a simulation. In the end, Leary decided not to go through with the cryogenic freezing and instead was cremated (his ashes were actually launched into space), but Davids thinks the psychedelic guru would have found the confusion about the fate of his head to be a funny cosmic joke. Davids also shared recollections of his co-authorship of books in the Star Wars universe, and his Roswell film, and weighed in on the current state of ufology.


Elizabeth Joyce is internationally respected for her gifts as a psychic and energetic healer. In the latter half, she offered predictions for the rest of this year and beyond, as well as insights on dimensions and vibrations. Joyce, who uses astrology as part of her predictive process, said with the kick-off of a new moon on Tuesday, we'll see significant changes in the US government over the next three months, with Pres. Biden possibly replaced in January due to health issues. She foresees a new surge of COVID cases over this fall and winter, before the illness finally begins to fade out by July 2022. We should be on the lookout for some severe storms over the next few weeks, possibly triggered by strong solar activity, she cautioned.

Regarding Brian Laundrie, the suspect in the Gabby Petito homicide, Joyce believes he is hiding out south of the border in Mexico or Costa Rica. She sees China possibly going into Taiwan after the Winter Olympics. UFOs will become more prominent, and as humans evolve to a higher vibration, aliens will become more visible and open to communication, she indicated. Through her spiritual journeys, she was taken to three different universes, and seven rings of light. Joyce said she works with various chakras, including seven new spiritual ones (view related charts). In the last hour, she offered readings to callers.

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