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Marilyn Declassified/ Bigfoot Research

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What really happened to Marilyn Monroe? Filmmaker and artist, Paul Davids, joined George Knapp to reveal newly declassified FBI and CIA files, proving that her troubles were not all the product of her abuse of prescription drugs and failed marriages, but began with her wedding to Communist-leaning playwright Arthur Miller as she was targeted and tormented by the FBI, CIA and Mafia. The declassified documents were said to be leaked by a CIA archivist, and were dated just the day before she died. The documents detailed the content of wiretaps (surveillance recordings) from her phone, such as JFK telling her that he visited an air base and saw evidence of "things from outer space," Davids recounted. Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen speculated that this referred to a flying saucer crash in the Southwest in the 1940s, he added.

The finding of suicide in Monroe's 1962 death has long been questioned, but it was never handled as a criminal case. While she was known to be taking the drug Nembutal, signs of her death didn't correspond to a pill overdose, and the drug wasn't found in her stomach. The indication was she must have received the substance another way, such as an injection-- Nembutal injections have been used in contract killings, Davids reported. While Bobby Kennedy was thought to have seen Marilyn the day of her death to get her to end the liaison with his brother, Davids believes she was killed by the Mob, as a way to bring down the Kennedys.


In the latter half, science teacher Thom Powell, known for his investigations of the edges of science and Bigfoot, shared his research about Sasquatch, and possible connections to ET visitations. A lot of the evidence for Bigfoot is subtle such as unusual arrangement of sticks found along trails, and apples disappearing from trees. But there are also witnesses seeing the creatures repeatedly but in very specific places. These witnesses are generally living on the edge of large, wild areas like Mount Rainier, he noted.

The patterns of Bigfoot sightings correspond with other unusual phenomena, such as the breakdown of cameras or electronic equipment that is associated with crop circles, he cited. "I'm convinced that the Sasquatch emanate from underground hideouts," and the witnesses of ETs say similar things, as well as Native Americans, Powell commented. "If all of these entities are emanating from underground, they must know each other, because there can't be tremendous amounts of space down there...there must be some overlap," he mused. He also spoke about efforts to telepathically communicate with Sasquatch, and how the responses tend to be similar-- asking to be left alone, though sometimes they've shown a sense of humor.

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