Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger


Debbi Dachinger is a prolific author with iconic books such as "Dare to Dream: This Life Counts! A Secret Guide to Making Your Dreams A Reality" and "Wisdom to Success: The Surefire Secrets to Accomplish All Your Dreams." An international bestselling author, Debbi has left a profound mark in inspirational literature that has helped thousands of people realize their dreams.

For over 16 years, she has hosted the "Dare to Dream podcast with Debbi Dachinger," which focuses on topics such as UFOs, channeling, and psychic phenomena. Dare to Dream won the COVR Award for best podcast/radio show, WELP Magazine named it "One of Best 20 podcasts to Listen to this Year," and it’s a high-ranking self-improvement Apple podcast. Catch Dare to Dream on YouTube and all major podcast sites.



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Aliens, Hybrids & Paranormal Activity
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