ET Contact & Shamans / Shadow People & Hat Man

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ET Contact  & Shamans / Shadow People & Hat Man

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Podcaster and coach Debbi Dachinger, a former skeptic, had an awakening and has been researching and experiencing the paranormal and ET realm for over 17 years. In the first half, she spoke about contact with ETs, their various races, and her shamanic training and practice. Shamans are healers and intermediaries between the spiritual and physical realms, and can act as a mediator between seen and unseen worlds, she explained. Dachinger described a metaphysical journey she took, guided by a shamanic practitioner named Rosalba. Inside a cave, she encountered a roaring brown bear, which, instead of being fearful, she recognized as a healing experience. She later learned this was her spirit animal and was associated with protection and supernatural powers.

During a past life regression, Dachinger recalled an incarnation as a Mayan priestess who was over seven ft. tall and hailed from another galaxy. This led to her opening up to contact work, some of which took place on sacred land in Arizona (where she took anomalous photos of orbs and craft). What she has learned is that a number of alien races helped us after the Anunnaki took away humanity's free will in ancient times, and these beneficial ETs included "the Reptilians, the Bird-Avian people, and the high dimensional beings of light from Lyra." To varying degrees, humans have genetic material from these different ETs, and to that extent, they could be considered our ancestors or family, she added. Dachinger reported that six people were all channeling separate ETs at the same time and came up with a similar prediction: by the end of 2026 or the beginning of 2027, "there will be something unprecedented in a way that everybody on Earth will know that extraterrestrials exist."


In the latter half, author Heidi Hollis discussed the dark entity known as the Hat Man as well as Shadow People, and UFO/alien phenomena. She characterized Hat Man as a puppet master who often appears at the end of somebody's bed, and witnesses may see him wearing a trench coat or three-piece suit, and a gaucho hat or top hat. She added that his smiling mouth filled with jagged teeth is truly terrifying. Beings such as this are patient and seek to find a way in, as they cannot enter a person without some form of permission, she stated, adding that the Hat Man ultimately wants to steal or possess someone's soul.

Hollis believes she made a soul agreement before she was born that her life work would be to warn and prepare people over this dark threat that is interdimensional in nature-- a cosmic battle between good and evil. Aliens or ETs are also interdimensional, she has concluded, and these beings can shape-shift into various appearances. Some people have tried to call on aliens to come "and they opened up a portal and they got Shadow People and Hat Man in their lives instead," she lamented. Hollis disputes the argument that these entities are merely the product of sleep paralysis and the dream state. "People are really experiencing these things," she insisted.

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