Donna Voll

Donna Voll


Rev. Donna Voll is an ordained minister, certified clairvoyant, an intuitive spiritual counselor, mentor, and spirit artist and has served numerous churches throughout the United States and Canada. For the last 35 years, she has been teaching practical meditation, spiritual philosophy, and spiritual development, which focuses on the importance of trusting the individual's own inner guidance, Holy Spirit and the recognition of one's Higher Self.

She has always been connected to the spirit world. Some of her earliest clairvoyant visions, sometimes frightening and often unexplained, came to her during childhood. As she matured, she experienced premonitions and prophecies that confirmed her spiritual gifts. By the time she became a mother of three young children, her visions became more prevalent.  


Past Shows:

  • Angels & Spiritual Gifts / Alien Encounters

    Clairvoyant Donna Voll discussed her spirit art which involves sketching faces of deceased people she's never seen before. Followed by UFO researcher Preston Dennett and contactee Dolly Safran who talked about Safran's lifelong encounters with alien beings.More »

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