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Angels & Spiritual Gifts / Alien Encounters

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Donna Voll has always been connected to the spirit world. Some of her earliest clairvoyant visions, sometimes frightening and often unexplained, came to her during childhood. Voll believes we have many angels helping us every day. During the first half of the show, she joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss her spirit art which involves sketching faces of deceased people after talking with their loved ones. According to Voll, she never sees photos of any of the deceased until after she illustrates their spirit images (related images).

The images that are being drawn are given by God to be shared with other people, Voll explained, noting when she sits with someone (usually by phone) she prays to let God work through her and energy moves through her to begin to draw. "I don't see somebody's loved one... it's that I'm moved to draw while I'm receiving a message," she revealed. The drawings happen very quickly and are completed while the discussion with a loved one is happening, Voll added. She believes the spirit art, as well as evidential information she receives during these sessions, prove definitively that consciousness survives past physical death. "Love never ends, it's an energy that continues," Voll noted.


In January 1973, fourteen-year-old Dolly Safran gazed out the window of her home near the Florida Everglades. Without warning, a UFO dropped from the sky and hovered in her backyard. To her shock, Safran could see thin, gray-skinned figures with large dark eyes staring back at her. At that moment, her bedroom filled with a blazing blue light, and this began a lifetime filled with ET contacts. In the latter part of the program, UFO researcher Preston Dennett and Dolly Safran talked about her lifelong encounters with alien beings (related images).

Safran was eventually able to recall what happened to her during the 1973 encounter. She remembered being frozen and two beings traveling down a ribbon of energy appearing to her. One took her by hand and led her to the ribbon. "It literally instantly made us weightless, and he pulled us up the ribbon, I went through the roof," she explained. When Safran entered the craft she saw a tall gray whom she refers to as "Momma," and in that moment realized she had been there many other times.

Safran reported communicating with the consciousness of the ship. "All ET craft are operated psychically and the ship is indwelled — it's a biological type of ship," she disclosed, adding the being running the ship is interdimensional and non-corporeal. According to Dennett, Safran's account is among the best of contactees and has provided excellent details about the grays and other ETs, their agenda, and the purpose behind on-board UFO experiences. "A lot of the people I've talked to don't feel like this is a negative experience," he said.

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