Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah


Joseph Farah launched the new media revolution back in 1997 with the first independent, alternative online news site –, now known as He left the "mainstream media," where he worked for 20 years running daily newspapers in major markets like Los Angeles and Sacramento to do it – and never looked back. He’s the author of more than a dozen books, including his latest Amazon bestseller, "The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament," due out in hardcover in October.



Past Shows:

  • Garden of Eden Mysteries

    Carl Gallups linked the ills of the world to the Garden of Eden. In the first hour, Joseph Farah discussed the war against the independent press.More »
  • Spiritual Issues

    Author Neale Donald Walsch returned to the show to share his bold approach to the subject of religion. His popular book series, he explained, was fueled by his writing questions to God, whom he heard answering his queries. We have been trained to think that it's blasphemous to...More »
  • Ghost Hunting

    For investigator Joshua P. Warren the scientific method is the preferred choice for understanding ghostly phenomenon. As the main guest on Monday night, he laid out a set of tools and procedures for capturing evidence of ghosts. Curiously, he said that ghosts are more likely to...More »

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