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Has much of the real message of the Garden of Eden been adjusted over time and turned into a children's bedtime story? Bestselling biblical scholar Carl Gallups joined guest host Richard Syrett to argue that many of the ills of the world are directly linked to the Garden of Eden. "The ultimate Ground Zero of the universe, as far as humanity knows, is the account of the Garden of Eden, and its direct connection... to Israel and particularly Jerusalem and the Temple Mount," Gallups said. Eden is the location of the first lie, first false prophecy, first death, first declaration of God's judgment, and the first messianic prophecy, he added.

According to Gallups, Eden was a real place and the events which took place there as described in Genesis 3 also actually happened. "There really was a garden, there really was an Adam, there really was an Eve, there really was a temptation, there really was a fall, there really was a judgment issued by God, it really can be seen in all seven billion human beings and in the headlines of our world affairs," he explained. Gallups revealed which parts of the story are likely metaphorical elements, such as a walking, talking serpent. "It's not a serpent, it was Satan," he pointed out.

Gallups also disclosed the true location of the Garden of Eden, noting many people mistakenly believe it was in what is now Iraq. The location described in Genesis was before the flood which ultimately changed the geographical topography of the planet, he suggested. "The location of the original Garden of Eden is in the area of what we would now know as modern day Jerusalem," he said, adding the Bible and numerous renowned scholars agree. Gallups proposed Eden is still located in Jerusalem in another dimension of reality.

War Against Independent News

In the first hour, Joseph Farah, founder of leading independent news site (now WND), discussed how the independent press is being censored by mainstream media and social giants. According to Farah, a scorched-earth policy is in effect against WND and other related news agencies by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple. "[These companies] may not even like each other... but one thing they agree on is they agree with a very far left political agenda," he said. Farah suggested the independent press was blamed for the election of Donald Trump, and left-leaning media corporations have actively worked against them. "They starve us of traffic and ad revenue," he noted. As an example, Farah revealed WND has lost 70% of its traffic since Trump's election.

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