Spiritual Connections / Dream Guidance

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Spiritual Connections / Dream Guidance

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Suzanne Giesemann is an author, spiritual teacher, and an evidential medium. In the first half, she joined Lisa Garr (email) to discuss how to combine deep spiritual wisdom and practical tools for living a consciously connected and divinely guided life. She recounted how a family tragedy led her down a metaphysical path when her stepdaughter, Susan, was struck by lightning and killed. Through a medium, Giesemann made initial contact with Susan, and then subsequently, after several years of meditative practices, she achieved communication with Susan herself, as well as a host of other spirit beings and guides. For those having difficulty quieting the mind, she has developed a method called S.I.T. (Sit in Peace), where for just three minutes a person sits quietly and observes their thoughts.  Slow, deep breathing helps quiet mental chatter. Beyond your everyday thoughts, you may start to experience intuitions and "adventures in consciousness," she mused.

She also practices what she calls the "sign game" regarding messages from the deceased. For instance, one of her spirit contacts, a deceased friend named Brenda, tells her accurate information about their mutual friends or her clients that Geisemann could not have known herself. Further, she detailed how she communicates with a collective consciousness of guides who identified themselves as Sanaya. Lisa revealed that she communicates with a group of "crossed over loved ones" who have been her guides, including the late author Wayne Dyer. Geisemann also shared her "B.L.E.S.S. M.E." method for connecting with higher beings and spirits, where the letters stand for B- breathing, L- lift up your vibration, E- expand your energy field, S- surrender your identification, S- shift to the spirit world, M- merge your energy field, and E- experience what happens.


Machiel Klerk is a social entrepreneur, licensed mental health therapist, international speaker, and dream expert. In the latter half, he delved into dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, spirit guides, and how to remember your dreams. He first started getting into his dreams when he became depressed after his father's death, and realized they could function like a "psychological X-ray" that showed what was going on within him. Dreams, he discovered, could reveal stumbling blocks and promising directions to take to lead a more engaged life. There are many types of dreams, he noted; some can be precognitive, others serve to digest our emotional experiences, and on occasion, there are visitations from deceased loved ones.

We can consciously relate to our dream characters and situations by recalling them in a daydream or hypnotic state, he said, though there is also the technique of dream incubation, in which a person concentrates on asking their dream or spirit guide a specific question before going to sleep. He pointed out that the quality of the question can affect the quality of the response in that one can have more profound dreams by asking deeper questions. Klerk touched on lucid dreaming (knowing that you are dreaming when in the midst of a dream) and shared some induction methods, as well as ideas about what to do when you become lucid, such as calling out to your spirit guide: 'Do you have a message for me?' During the last hour, he offered guidance and interpretation for callers' dreams. 

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