John Perkins

John Perkins


John Perkins is an author, environmental philosopher, and businessman who is dedicated to learning and teaching about raising consciousness. He draws on four decades of study and work with indigenous prophets, wise elders, and shamans; as an advisor to the United Nations, World Bank, and Fortune 500 corporations; and a teacher at learning centers on four continents.

He and the nonprofit organizations he seeded, Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, have been featured on ABC Television, the A&E and History networks, TIME, Italian Cosmopolitan and Elle, and many other publications in the Americas and Europe. He was founder and CEO of a major U.S. energy company that was committed to producing electricity with environmentally beneficial technologies and revolutionized the utility industry in the 1980s. A leader in developing ways to balance business interests with ecological and social concerns, he created the Pollution Offset Lease for Earth (POLE) program, enabling corporations to offset the greenhouse gases they produce by leasing CO2 absorbing rainforests. Having studied for over 3 decades with native peoples and shamans, Mr. Perkins has a gift for bridging the old world and new, the natural world with the industrial world, and peoples with one another.



Past Shows:

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  • Predatory Capitalism

    Ian Punnett spoke with economist John Perkins, who pointed toward predatory capitalism as the real cause of the current global financial meltdown. Commenting on the Christmas Day terrorism attempt, investigative reporter Peter Lance appeared in the first half-hour, and...More »
  • Economic Hit Man

    Businessman and author John Perkins discussed his work as a former 'economic hit man.'More »
  • Economic Hit Man

    John Perkins, the founder of Dream Change Coalition, shared the story of the time he spent as an international 'economic hit man' after being recruited by the National Security Agency. He defined an 'economic hit man' as someone who assists in cheating developing countries and...More »

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