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Predatory Capitalism/ Dowsing & Clearing

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In the first half, lecturer and former international 'economic hit man,' John Perkins, spoke about how the deadly economic cancer he helped spread has unfortunately become the dominant system of business, government, and society today. 'Economic hit men' helped create a truly global empire, he said, outlining how a corporation picks out a country with resources they covet, and then generates a huge loan to that country. The money doesn't actually go to the country, but instead to the corporation to build the infrastructure. "The majority of the people actually suffer from these projects because money is diverted from education, health care, and other social services to try and pay the interest on the debt, and in the end, the principal can never be repaid-- that's part of the plan," he explained, adding that then, the 'economic hit men' suggest the privatization of everything, and that the country sell their resources cheaply to the corporation.

"My job was to corrupt government officials around the world and get them to accept these deals," Perkins continued. At first this strategy was done just in developing countries, but now it can be seen all around the world, such as in Greece, Ireland, Spain, and even the US, he said. What's come out of this system is a "failed global economy"-- or a "death economy" based on ravaging the Earth, and exploiting resources and people, he lamented. While the US has become a kind of oligarchy, people can push for changes inside corporations which are still influenced by public reactions, product sales, and their stock value, he noted.


In the latter half, writer and dowser Raymon Grace discussed how he uses dowsing to identify and clear various negative energies that cause problems, as well as his work energizing and purifying water sources. His system of dowsing (view printable dowsing chart) uses a pendulum to gather information, and transform energy, though ultimately the pendulum is just a tool to access abilities that are inherent in the human mind, he explained. In a recent case, Grace said he was able to use dowsing techniques and his intent to successfully help someone suffering from extreme allergies, by desensitizing her mucous membranes to allergens in the air.

He's also dowsed to remove demonic forces from a jail, and it was reported that the facility became more peaceful afterward. Grace presented a new live water experiment on the air, telling the listeners that "I want to scramble the frequency of the chemical, biological, radiological pollutants that's within your water and I want to adjust those to the frequency of pure water," as well as take any negative thought forms and turn them into love, neutralize any curses, and remove any entities that might be in the water. This experiment applied to the water from all the faucets of people hearing the program, he noted. Grace also offers this free video that he believes can help balance one's energy field just by viewing.

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