Cindi Hagley

Cindi Hagley


Cindi Hagley is the founder of Past Life Homes, and a foremost authority on the marketing and sale of stigmatized properties throughout the United States. In real estate, stigmatized property is property which buyers or tenants may shun for reasons that are unrelated to its physical condition of the home. These can include death of an occupant, murder, suicide, and/or the belief that the home is haunted or is the site of paranormal activity. Disclosure laws vary state to state, and Hagley is a big believer in disclosing all facts relating to the stigma, whether required by law or not. Hagley also believes that properly marketed, a stigmatized home does not need to sell for pennies on the dollar.

Hagley is a California licensed real estate broker and has been interviewed by and/or featured on ABC News 20/20, Bloomberg News, The Wall Street Journal, The CBS Evening News, FOX News, Market Watch, Coast to Coast Radio, Clear Channel Radio, The San Francisco Chronicle, and other international, national, regional, and local media.


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