C2C Exclusive: Kecksburg UFO Incident Solved?

Hosted byConnie Willis

C2C Exclusive: Kecksburg UFO Incident Solved?

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Host Connie Willis (email) welcomed researcher and author John Ventre, the Pennsylvania State Director for the Mutual UFO Network. He was joined by fellow UFO expert Owen Eichler to discuss their controversial analysis of the Kecksburg UFO incident. Ventre explored several well-known theories about the 1965 crash, dismissing the official explanation of meteor strike as impossible since the object made two turns to avoid populated cities and slowed down before crashing.

Ventre commented on other theories which suggest the object could have been technology recovered under Operation Paperclip (e.g., the Nazi Bell), or possibly the Soviet spacecraft Kosmos 96, or even an actual extraterrestrial vehicle. He pointed out the physical specifications of the recovered Kecksburg object do not match with any of the aforementioned theories. "This case revolves around the way [the object] made its turns," he contended.

Eichler shared his own eyewitness account of the Kecksburg object "flying" through the sky. "I like to say the word 'flying' because it wasn't dropping," he explained, noting how the burning green object traveled about 5 miles and never lost altitude. According to Eichler, the object was composed of copper (which burns green) and matches the characteristics of a re-entry vehicle called the MK 2 developed by General Electric. It was developed for the U.S. military to photograph, and possibly destroy, enemy satellites in space, Eichler added.


Paranormal Properties For Sale

In the first hour, Cindi Hagley, a residential real estate broker and founder of Past Life Homes, spoke about her work helping people across the country sell homes that have been stigmatized by murder, suicide, death, and even hauntings. "It all has to do with the marketing... I take the focus off where the tragedy occurred," she said, noting how these kinds of properties seem to find her. Hagley reported on a haunted listing in Black Forest, Colorado, where apparitions and light anomalies have appeared, and disemodied footsteps have been heard walking on the roof. The owners have spent over $70,000 on paranormal investigations, she noted. Hagley also suggested a house in Dunsmuir, California, which used to be a mortuary, is inhabited by demonic forces.

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