Howard Riback

Howard Riback


Having gone through the tunnel and made it out the other side, Howard Riback is a gambling survivor who has seen it all. After 25 years of gambling, Howard overcame his own addiction and is living proof that an addiction can be cured quickly and permanently. Riback has built a new career as a counselor, TV/radio personality, and court-appointed therapist for those in real financial trouble (trying to avoid jail for possible fraudulent acts).

But forget the white-coat approach. Howard's experience led him to create a unique approach to treating compulsive gambling based on practical methods and proven results. The extent of theory in Howard's methods can be summed up in his own words: "It takes a former addict to know an addict."


Past Shows:

  • 2024 Astrological Forecast / Gambling Addiction

    Astrologer William Stickevers shared his forecast for 2024, including AI, the presidential election, and the economy. Followed by counselor Howard Riback, a gambling addiction survivor, with tips on how to beat the condition.More »
  • Past Lives & the Soul / Gambling Addiction

    Author Von Braschler discussed déjà vu, past lives, and the soul's journey. Followed by therapist Howard Riback on gambling addiction.More »
  • Gambling Addiction / Paranormal TV & Spirits

    Mediator/therapist Howard Riback talked about how he overcame his gambling addiction. Followed by journalist Aaron Sagers on his new Netflix series, "28 Days Haunted," and metaphysician Linnea Star on communicating with the spirit realm.More »

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