James Bartley

James Bartley


James Bartley has been researching alien abductions and the military/aerospace connection to UFOs and alien life forms for twenty-five years. He is a protege of legendary alien abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic of Tulsa, Oklahoma. James has spent a lot of time conducting field investigations in the High Desert of Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. He specializes in research and investigations into Reptilian aliens and military abductions.

James is an independent historian with an emphasis on military history, intelligence/counterintelligence, and special operations. He has lectured in San Diego, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, at the UFO Friendship Camp Outs at the Lil A’Le Inn in Rachel, Nevada (adjacent to the Groom Lake/Area 51 complex), Memphis, Tennessee, Mississippi, Philadelphia, Bury England at the first ever REPCON (Reptilian Conference), Sydney, Australia, the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Brisbane, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, and numerous other places. He was formerly a member of the Night Search Paranormal Network (NSPN) and hosted his own show called “The Bureau of Alien Human Affairs: Directorate V, Reptilian Section" or BAHA DV RS for short.


Past Shows:

  • Astral Dreamscape Adjustment Bureau

    Alien abduction researcher James Bartley discussed what he calls the Astral Dreamscape Adjustment Bureau. Open Lines followed in the last hour of the program.More »

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