James Martin

James Martin


James Martin is a British trade unionist, historian, economist and lecturer, having previously worked in finance, employment law and now is a lecturer in further and higher education. As a historian, James believes that 'understanding the past is crucial to understanding our future,' noting that evidence should guide us but our minds should be open to ideas. James has studied a wide range of fields, including industrial relations, equalities, history & politics, OSH, and astronomy and has recently completed a D.Ed to further his role as a lecturer. James has taught for a number of academic institutions ranging from Ruskin, Oxford to Northern College.

James has been a member and investigator of the Worsley Paranormal Group since its founding in 2003. He has made numerous appearances on radio and television and is now a regular on Nightvision Radio. He has described himself as a 'history geek' and a 'space nerd' and has dedicated a large portion of his more recent life to research into the Knights Templar, The Roman Empire, and the Western traditions of spirituality.



Past Shows:

  • Heaven's Compass / Early Voyages to the Americas

    Teacher and author Zen DeBrucke discussed her Internal Guidance System, and how it functions as "Heaven’s Compass." Followed by historian James Martin on various cultures that may have visited the Americas long before Columbus.More »

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