Heaven's Compass / Early Voyages to the Americas

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Heaven's Compass / Early Voyages to the Americas

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Teacher, author, and executive coach Zen DeBrucke is the founder of Smart Soul Academy, which makes accessible globally her seminal work on the Internal Guidance System (IGS). In the first half, she discussed how the IGS relates to people's thought processes. She considers the IGS as "heaven's compass"-- a kind of gauge that "collapses or closes when you're in a thought that's not true for you and is going to create havoc in your life, and it expands when you are having thoughts that are actually carrying towards your purpose-- your life's blueprint." We were born with this ability to help navigate the commotion in our minds, she added.

She further outlined the guidance system's compass analogy-- if you're due north, you feel ecstasy and passion with your thoughts and ideas, east and west are neutral sensations, while "going south" creates panic and terror. If you're ruminating on "south" thoughts, life can be dreary or miserable, whereas "north" thoughts open up possibilities and align you with your goals, she said. Love and fear are the two principal archetypal energies, but often it's the latter that is hyped by the media, which causes people to fall off the more positive path, DeBrucke continued. In tandem with her interview, she has made available a free training video.


James Martin is a British historian, economist, lecturer, and paranormal investigator with the Worsley Paranormal Group since its founding in 2003. In the latter half, he revealed the wide range of cultures that seemingly have been visiting the Americas since long before Columbus. When Columbus came to the Americas in 1492, European powers already knew the continent was here but just wanted to claim the lands, he suggested. Further, Columbus never even made it to what is the United States, just going as far as the Caribbean islands. The ancient Egyptians may have been the first to discover the Americas around 2500 BC, as there are descriptions of them making a mysterious ocean voyage to the land of Punt, which fits some of the details of land in the Americas.

There are numerous depictions of maize by the ancient Egyptians, yet the only place the plant grows is in the Americas, he pointed out. Some have reported that Egyptian hieroglyphs have been found in the Grand Canyon, and Martin said it's possible as there is evidence that the Egyptians made it to Central America and could have traveled north from there. The first Europeans to come to North America were the Norse (or the Vikings), and Chinese, Romans, and African cultures have made claims to visits to other parts of the Americas, he points out in his book, and additionally, there are accounts of the Irish fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia, hundreds of years before Columbus. Martin also touched on his research into the Knights Templar, who, according to lore, found priceless relics on their expeditions to Jerusalem and the Middle East.

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