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Secret Govt. UFO Program / Spooky Encounters

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The first half featured investigative reporter for KLAS TV, and part-time C2C host, George Knapp, joined by scientist Colm Kelleher, Ph.D., and James T Lacatski, a former Defense Intelligence Agency program manager. They talked about their new book, which explores the connection between the US government's secret UFO program and anomalous phenomena associated with Skinwalker Ranch. The Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), funded for $22 million, was coordinated by Lacatski for the DIA, and looked at both military and civilian UAP evidence and related phenomena. Much of the work was outsourced to subcontractors-- primarily to a subsidiary of Robert Bigelow's aerospace ventures. Lacatski described visiting Skinwalker Ranch with Bigelow, and seeing an unexplained floating object inside the kitchen of the ranch manager's home. Even stranger, Lacatski was the only one who could see the distinct 18-inch tall object, which he said was yellow in color and tubular-shaped. 

Kelleher, who spent some 250 days and nights at Skinwalker, said that in addition to the location being a "paranormal Disneyland," there were consistent reports of metallic-looking aerial objects on or close to the property. He saw one himself that was around the size of a jet fighter and said it was utterly silent and executed a tight hairpin turn just over his head. Kelleher noted that 98% of the time, the ranch was quite pleasant, but the other 2%, the atmosphere changed ominously, animals behaved oddly, and their electrical monitoring equipment appeared to be interfered with. George Knapp described a kind of "hitchhiker" syndrome in which inexplicable activity seemed to follow people home that had visited the ranch. Five separate military intelligence agents that had set foot on the property brought back phenomena to their homes on the East Coast, Kelleher detailed, including poltergeist activity, dark shadows, and orb sightings. Knapp said he had taken a few rocks and artifacts from Skinwalker back to his house in Nevada, and later his wife saw two blue orbs floating over their home.


For over 45 years, John Russell has worked as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator, he has witnessed hundreds of supernatural manifestations. In the latter half, he discussed some of his spookiest experiences, and shared psychic techniques. One such approach, cloudbusting, works by focusing your energy on a small cloud, and then visualizing your energy pouring out of your head like a laser beam. "When it touches the cloud, see that beam dispersing within the cloud" and dissolving it, he said. Such a technique might be used to vanquish the coronavirus, he added. 

All houses are haunted, Russell contends, including the one where he and his wife recently moved. He described a ghost animal that frequently follows him around there. He has heard the sounds of footsteps and objects being moved, though he finds the spirit creature to be comforting. Russell also recounted weird episodes involving phone calls, his investigation of a haunted horse barn, and interactions with stuffed animals and dolls that seem to contain spirit energy. To clear negative energy, he recommended white candles, and visualizing at least once a day, a bubble of brilliant white light surrounding you and extending throughout your home, cleansing and purifying.

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