Janet Phelan

Janet Phelan


From lead pipes in Flint, Michigan, to a duplicitous water commission in Medford, Oregon, to a secret psychiatric ward at UCLA, investigative journalist Janet Phelan details high institution and government indifference to the welfare of individuals in her latest book.  Her articles have appeared in Los Angeles Times, San Bernardino County Sentinel, Orange Coast Magazine, New Eastern Outlook, and elsewhere. She previously published an intelligence expose, Exile, and two books of poetry.



Past Shows:

  • Government Experimentation / Occult Symbolism in Cinema

    Investigative journalist Janet Phelan reported on the 2001 anthrax attacks, the pandemic, and how the public water system is being weaponized against the populace. Followed by historian Robert W. Sullivan who spoke about occult casting and esoteric symbolism in cinema.More »

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