Government Experimentation / Occult Symbolism in Cinema

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Government Experimentation / Occult Symbolism in Cinema

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Investigative journalist Janet Phelan examines institutional and government indifference to the welfare of individuals in her latest book. She joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) in the first half of the program to report on the 2001 anthrax attacks, the pandemic, and how the public water system is being weaponized against the populace (Related Images). Phelan suggested the relationship between individuals and the government has fundamentally changed over the last couple of decades, and individuals may be in jeopardy.

She described the Biological Weapons Convention as "a treaty in name only because there is no way to enforce it." Phelan revealed Section 817 of the Patriot Act allowed for an expansion of the biological weapons statutes, and gave the United States immunity from violating its own biological weapons laws. She pointed to the 2001 anthrax attacks, as well as the incident in 2015 when the US military shipped live anthrax to labs across the country as evidence of possible nefarious motives.

Phelan reported on what she found in the water system blueprints from Los Angeles, California and Spokane, Washington. The blueprints show two main lines running under the street, but the official blueprints distributed by these cities only show one main line, she explained. The second water line is also connected to the service line and capable of being controlled by remote control valves, Phelan added. She suggested something like a chemical agent could be put into the second water line and distributed to homes across the cities' municipal service areas.


During the latter half of the show, historian Robert W. Sullivan shared his research into occult casting and esoteric symbolism in cinema. Sophisticated filmmakers often use certain actors to hint at something deeper and add meaning to a scene, he disclosed. "It invests the new film with some sort of hidden undercurrent that the filmmaker is trying to employ or convey to the audience," Sullivan continued.

As an example, he referenced the use of actor Max von Sydow for only a few minutes at the start of Star Wars Episode 7. "The placing of von Sydow in Star Wars Episode 7 is designed to implant in your unconscious mind two other movies von Sydow was in, The Exorcist and Dune," he explained, noting both films show von Sydow's characters confronting a dark evil figure in a desert setting (just as in Episode 7). Using von Sydow transfers those previous films to your unconsciousness mind, Sullivan added.

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining also uses actors and character references to offer deeper insights. According to Sullivan, Kubrick exposed his in role filming fake moon landing footage for NASA by showing Danny Torrance in an Apollo 11 sweater and using the number 237 for a room at the hotel. Another connection involves actor Barry Nelson who played the manager of the Overlook Hotel and was the first actor to play James Bond in a 1954 made-for-television adaptation of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. Sean Connery, who portrayed Bond in Diamonds Are Forever (and other films) is shown breaking into a top secret government facility where they are faking the moon landing, Sullivan revealed.

He also recounted a wild story about JFK's missing brain, which was apparently secretly removed from the National Archives by Robert Kennedy and placed into JFK's casket just before it was reburied in the plot where it now resides at Arlington National Cemetery.

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