Jared Broach

Jared Broach


Jared Broach is the founder/owner of the Eat Drink Scare Tour Co., which operates the brands Cable Car Wine Tours and Nightly Spirits. He holds an undergraduate degree from Purdue University and a Masters in Business from UMASS. His company started in 2012 as a single location ghost tour pub crawl that took patrons on a walking tour around the White House in Washington, DC. The company has grown into offering ghost tours in more than 20 cities around the country and wine/ghost tours aboard historic refurbished San Francisco Cable Cars in California and Texas. Nightly Spirits is a two-time winner of USA Today's best ghost tour in America and Cable Car Wine Tours was recently featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Past Shows:

  • Haunted Tours / Magic of Tarot

    Ghost tour operator Jared Broach discussed paranormal experiences and famous haunted places. Metaphysical author Sasha Graham revealed how 'The Magic of Tarot' can empower one's intuition.More »

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