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Haunted Tours / Magic of Tarot

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Jared Broach is the founder of Nightly Spirits, offering unique ghost tours, haunted food tours, and haunted pub crawls that take people on a journey to explore the creepy history of multiple cities. He joined Lisa Garr (email) to discuss his paranormal experiences and how his company researches and finds the eeriest spots in the country. Broach, who specializes in ghost hunting in elevator shafts, revealed he often gets voice recordings but on occasion has pressed spirits too hard with questions, and they've let him know. "There's been two times... where things have gone wrong with the elevator that aren't physically possible to happen," Broach admitted. "We do get a lot of still images, some of my people have gotten video of what looks like actual apparitions," he added.

Broach reported on the first tour his company ever built which encompassed the area around the White House and nearby buildings. "It was designed because we knew how haunted the White House was," he said. According to Broach, one of the most haunted rooms in the White House is the Lincoln Bedroom. Winston Churchill confessed to seeing the ghost of Lincoln one night by the fireplace and asked to change rooms the next day, Broach reported. One of President Harrison's bodyguards would chase the ghost of Lincoln around the White House all night, he explained, noting the bodyguard attended a seance to beg Lincoln to stop haunting Harrison. Broach also commented on his tours in Alexandria, Virginia, where guests often capture images of ghostly faces in windows as well as orbs.


Followed by metaphysical author Sasha Graham who believes 'The Magic of Tarot' provides a chance to empower your intuition, dive into your dreams, and get to the heart of the matter. She explained how to use spreads, exercises, and spells while flexing your intuitive muscles. "Tarot at its essence is a 78-pack of cards... they have this wonderful history of being used for divination," Graham said. The oldest tarot deck can be traced to 15th century Italy but historians don't know where tarot originated, she explained. Tarot was considered evil by the church both because of its correlation with card games and gambling, and its use as a divining tool, Graham added.

"The power of tarot really lies in the questions you ask it," Graham continued, noting better questions receive clearer answers. Your own wisdom and intuition is what guides a reading, she revealed. According to Graham, tarot teaches three precious truths: 1) the power of staying present, 2) the power of standing in responsibility for yourself (and to never use tarot to pry into others' business), and 3) you have control over your experience on Earth. The repetitious nature of life and tarot gives it the opportunity to reveal how one can make a new choice. "If you ask the same question every single day... you'll get the answer and you will change the pattern," Graham said.

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