Jeremiah Horstmann

Jeremiah Horstmann


Jeremiah Horstmann was born in rural Pennsylvania and had his first Bigfoot sighting at the age of 13 in September of 1991. Two 9ft creatures rushed out of a tree line in front of him and an investigator from Stan Gordon’s PASU. After moving to Sedona, he witnessed many paranormal moments. While looking at books on local history, he ventured to Bradshaw Ranch, which has been a reported hotspot for multitudes of entities, cryptids, interdimensional beings, orbs, UAPs, and a collective consciousness. 

His goal is for understanding that this world has more mystery, more of the unexplained, than what is known or measured by the world of science. “Where science leaves off, our hearts and senses take over, and sometimes this opens up whole other worlds, or dimensions,” he says. This has taken up a great deal of the last 11 years of his life.

Past Shows:

  • Genomics Controversies / Anomalies at Bradshaw Ranch

    Tech expert Charles Ostman discussed selective genomics, the implications of genetic engineering, and how DNA can be used as an ID. Followed by Jeremiah Horstmann who shared details from is first Bigfoot sighting and experiences researching the Bradshaw Ranch.More »

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