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Arizona UFOs / Open Lines

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In the first half, Jeremiah Horstman joined host Connie Willis (info) to discuss the recent and numerous UFO sightings around Arizona. He spoke about an array of lights that his father-in-law filmed while on the highway between Sedona and Cottonwood. According to various other witnesses, this cluster surrounded a triangular craft that moved smoothly and swiftly to the east before suddenly disappearing, leaving the smaller lights behind. Horstman admitted this was just one example of the many mysterious phenomena in the Southwest. He shared his firsthand experience observing glowing orbs in the Sycamore Basin while on a UFO-sighting tour. That night he saw 17 Blackhawk helicopters in formation through a pair of night-vision goggles. "Suddenly, off to the left of those [helicopters]… we see this large, pulsing, amber ball of light come up," he said. "It looked electrical — it was pulsing or arcing in a very electrical way, very bright." He saw this orb rise to the height of the helicopters, two of which surrounded it in a holding pattern before another illuminated ball rose from the basin below.

After investigating further and speaking with shadowy, sometimes threatening figures, Horstman now believes these lights are off-world technology piloted by humans. He claimed private contractors have built tunnels under the desert basin, conducting research and development using alien intelligence. Another source he met corroborated this theory. This person told him of a dangerous confrontation with strangers who later drove away into "a cliff wall that had a door open in it," Horstman relayed. "He said he looked in their eyes… and they didn't look human." These hair-raising encounters and otherworldly sights are a part of everyday life in Horstman's part of Arizona. "In the Sedona area, seeing distant lights in the sky or a light moving through the trees is more or less a dime-a-dozen sighting," he admitted. Towards the end of the segment, he shared how he once wished to see a "structured craft" up close. Just two weeks later, he spotted a metallic, peanut-shaped UFO from a relatively short distance.

View some of Horstman's photos here.


The second half featured Open Lines, where listeners called in to discuss a variety of topics. Caller Wayne talked about a peanut-shaped UFO, similar to the one Horstman spotted, featured on the television program Beyond Skinwalker Ranch. Bluey from Utah shared his encounter with a cryptid while traveling through the Flagstaff region of Arizona. This creature was running at an incredible speed parallel to the road, he said. The fleeting figure disappeared into a tunnel like the one Horstman described in the Sycamore Basin.

Bud out of Phoenix called in to discuss a man from Florida who was able to isolate gravitational fields and move huge stones. Bud posited that this ability, if harnessed, may lead to a new and more efficient method of flight. John from Los Angeles spoke of his experience seeing orbs resembling the ones discussed in the first half of the show. He described them as having an appearance "like tadpoles."

First-time caller Randy from Alabama talked about the time he witnessed a craft floating over the woods. The round UFO moved slowly and had the height of a multi-story building. Randy described walking towards it, despite his friends' fears that it would "zap" him. Scott from Eugene, Oregon also shared his experience seeing a UFO, this one over Balboa Park in San Diego. The craft moved erratically and appeared to be piloted by shadowy figures looking out of its large windows.


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